+ FxFarmer (Funkanomics)

Freitag, 22. November 2013
Einlass ab 22 Uhr.
Davor Konzert mit THE SOUNDS

Tickets ausschließlich an der Abendkassa erhältlich!


On the Decks: FxFarmer

FxFarmer is a head from the south of Germany, who launched the project Funkanomics in late 2006, have since then been touring extensively in the club scene. They have taken their beat contoured live experience and mixed it with their own funked up style in their productions. A sound that is designed for the dance floor and made up of beautiful crunchy bass lines, coupled with pumping grooves. A merger that works and once it starts can´t be stopped. In his sets „FxFarmer“ impress by presenting their sound on two turntables plus a very own live set including breakbeat with influences from hiphop, funk, dope beats, reggae and electronica. He go against the grain of conventional djing so smoothly, that you only have to listen to it once and its inside your head. As a result the crowd is instantly whipped to a frenzy with an imaginative and more approach to dance not confined to one genre. FxFarmer is Founder of the Worldwide Know Funkanomics releases on Ghetto Funk, Adapted, Milk and Sugar, Big M Manmade Roca records.