✖✖✖ ZACK…ConradSohm Kultursommerfestival bringt euch Bassfilez INVADES ✖✖✖

Das Conrad Sohm öffnet für ein Event der besonderen Art seine Tore für euch am 09.09.2016!!



Bassfilez ist ein AudioVisualMixBlog der es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat die besten DJs aus der Region und der ganzen Welt an einzigartigen Locations zu filmen!!
Der Musikalische Focus liegt hier auf BASSMUSIC!!





✖✖✖ f4tr4xX

✖✖✖ Trash Junk


✖✖✖ Deffekt // digital visual artists

Artist Info:

✖✖✖ f4tr4xX ✖✖✖

Dieser Junge Mann braucht wohl nicht lange vorgestellt werden den er ist mit seinen Skillz und seinem unverwechselbarem Sound wohlbekannt in Vorarlberg und Umgebung!!

Since his first thinking, music was more than just simple tones and sounds. Music always was complex, as life itself. With the age of 13 he discovered DJing as an essential passion and now with the age of 31, nothing has changed on that. It is the essence of his existence. For him DJing never only consisted in just mixing one track in another, one by one. It was always about explore and create, to shape new worlds and dimensions. He always lost himself in music, it is not only about frequencies, it is about its own way of perceiving.

Driven by his deep passion of creating music, his second passion was born. Event managing. Bring Sound and Light into the hearts and minds of people is the main mission.

MINDHEAD stands for perfection in every aspect. Visit one of his events, like „LOW-CUT“ to convince yourself, how it would feel, to do your first steps on an unexplored planet.

f4tr4xX played along with:

Body & Soul, Bassface Sascha, Camo & Krooked, Calyx & Teebee, Goldie, Danny Byrd, Mefjus, Disaszt, Murch´n´Daice, Beardyman, Bubble Beatz, and many more.

DJ since 1998.
Genres: Drum & Bass, Breakbeat, Glitch, Electro, Fidget, Garage, 2-Step, Midtempo, etc.




✖✖✖ Trash Junk ✖✖✖

The black helmed defender of hard trash electro from west Austria brings chaos and destruction to the dancefloor with what can only be described as massive chainsaw sounds and banging mixes. It all began in the year 2008 with dj sets all over his home country, which gave him the chance to play beside artists like Jack Beats, Mr. Flash, Pony Bomb, Dirty Disco Youth, The Sexinvaders, Drunken Masters and many more.
In spring 2010 Trash Junk decided to start producing more intensively and took a break from playing live. His first release – the “Good Morning EP” – came out in almost every online store in November of the same year-a slew of remix requests then followed. On top of the official remixes,he did some remix-competitions, of which, he won four. As a result his name spread like wildfire- he has since released on many
different labels like Globelle, Onion Records, BlocBeatz Records, Macro Records,Flavorite Music, Bombeats Music, Mega Noise Records and many more.Right now Trash Junk is in the studio focusing on his third EP and some different remixes.
Beside that he has also founded the party-series “Be Crooked” which
came to fruition June 10th, 2011.
If one thing is for certain it’s that Trash Junk’s block rockin‘ beats drop like bombs. He has been described as a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene so be sure to stay tuned to this explosive artist and keep rocking hard!



✖✖✖ FxFarmer(FUNKANOMICS) ✖✖✖

FxFarmer von den FUNKANOMICS spielte wohl bereits fast überall auf der Welt. Von Australien, Kanada bis Indien hat er in seiner fast 20 jährigen Dj Karriere allein oder mit seiner Crew den FUNKANOMICS unzählige Festivals und Clubs auf der ganzen Welt abgerissen!!






✖✖✖ Deffekt // digital visual artists ✖✖✖

DEFFEKT visual artists
Zu den fetten Beats gibts von DEFFEKT die fetten Visuals auf die Augen, die Combo aus Gestaltern und Informatikern sind Resident VJs im Douala/RV und verzaubern mittlerweile auch große Corporate-Events mit ihren Visuals.


Stubai Premiere Nr. 7


Stamina ft. Angst und Schrecken


Ravensburger Clubnacht


Bitzilla Conference 2016 (Corporate)