“Whenever I think of something but can’t think of what it was I was thinking of, I can’t stop thinking until I think I’m thinking of it again. I think I smoke too much.”

DOPE & Conrad Sohm präsentieren:

Sound: Drum & Bass | Dubstep

Samstag 21. April 2018
Conrad Sohm, Dornbirn
Einlass: 22:00 | 18+
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One of Drum and Bass’ most important ambassadors, Crissy Criss has become an established force both in the studio and the DJ booth. A versatile leader for the genre as a whole, Crissy is now a household name in broadcasting, DJing and production across the globe.The DJ Hailing from Leytonstone, Crissy Criss
was constantly exposed to pioneers of the primordial Drum and Bass scene, and given the best start possible for a certified D&B selector. Given his first pair of decks at five by his step father Kenny Ken, Crissy’s mum was also the founder of the DJ Agency Ton Management. Home to the likes of Kenny Ken, Nicky Blackmarket,DJ Rap,Ratpack, EZ Rollers, Peshayand Stevie Hyper D, the musical environment was a huge influence for a young DJ and proved instrumental in his later career. After hanging round with Drum and Bass’brightest lights, it was no surprise that Crissy soon became interested in following theDrum and Bass
heroes he admired. Crissy’s first gigs were played to an empty room, sneaking into Kenny Ken’s studio when he wasn’t home but it was at the tender age of barely nine that his career began its meteoric ascent. After months of dedicated practise and lots of broken turntableneedles, Crissy’s first gig as a DJ came without warning at an empty Festival at The Essex Show ground. Alast
minute replacement for Kenny Ken, Crissy ended up playing alongside the likes of Andy C and GQ names he would regularly be associated with in the future. Four years later aged 13, Crissy had his first ever DJ booking. Handpicked by the mighty DJ Zinc, Crissy warmed up the legendary ‘End’ club for a line up that
included Mampi Swift, Bad Companyand Andy C.In 2001, Crissy also began playing abroad solidifying his position as an international top DnB DJ. Since then, Crissy Criss has continued to be a force behind the decks,smashing crowds worldwide every weekend.

// Crissy Criss (RAM / Program / Technique / UK)

// Felon MC (Urban Agency / UK)


// Isabella Hammerer Hedwis (DOPE)

// Impactic (Gehörsturz)

Artwork by Luca Meusburger (Cactus Collective)