Special Guest: MOTOROWL

Samstag, 01. Dezember 2018
Conrad Sohm, Dornbirn
Einlass: 19 Uhr / Beginn: 20 Uhr

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LONG DISTANCE CALLING — 1. Dezember 2018 • Conrad Sohm, Dornbirn

Nach einer fast nahezu komplett ausverkauften Tour im Frühjahr kehren LONG DISTANCE CALLING im November und Dezember auf europäische Bühnen zurück, um ihr gefeiertes aktuelles Album „Boundless“ (u.a. Album des Monats in Guitar, Eclipsed und Rock Hard) und Klassiker aus der Bandgeschichte mit euch gemeinsam Live und in Farbe zu erleben. LONG DISTANCE CALLING verbinden dichte Atmosphäre mit mitreißender Energie und nehmen euch mit auf eine einzigartige Reise.
Am Samstag, 1. Dezember gastieren LONG DISTANCE CALLING im Conrad Sohm.


Special Guest:


With influences spanning from Black Sabbath and early Pentagram to German kraut rock veterans like Kraan and Guru Guru up to Russian Circles, Baroness and the magnum opus of Opeth mastermind Mikael Åkerfeldt, the East German- based psychedelic doom powerhouse created a highly dynamic blend of imposing heaviness, deep harmonies and stirring atmospheres. “Atlas” is a non-stop interplay between classic varieties of heavy guitars and modern post rock, colourful sound structures and deep black holes. „The album may contain traces of Iron Maiden,“ vocalist and guitar player Max Hemmann admits „because we love Iron Maiden!“

Max sums it up nicely: „When it comes to variegated riffs, beats or synthesizer we don’t set ourselves any limits. Our music is driven by emotion rather than genre, traditions or other liabilities. It’s all about the feeling. You can compare “Atlas” with a house built of various Lego bricks in different colours and sizes. It may look unusual or odd but when you enter the door you will see it’s a real house with varied and well-designed rooms, which feel comfortable.“ Max adds: „Honestly, I don’t know where the synths actually came from. It was just there and it felt very fitting.“

Content-wise, Motorowl’s second album is obviously influenced by Greek Titan, Atlas; son of Iapetos and Asia, who was condemned to hold up the sky for eternity at the ends of the earth towards the west. „In mythology there is always a chosen or punished main protagonist but also another side which mourns the main protagonist. It’s a very interesting view on give and to take,“ Max stated.

Simultaneous with the release of their highly acclaimed debut “Om Generator”, the 2014 founded doom rock collective started writing songs for the follow-up album. 1 1⁄2 years later, after intense touring with Icelandic rock giantsSólstafir, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, ’77, Grave Pleasures and opening several shows for High On Fire; Motorowl prepared to enter the Off The Road Studios in Leipzig to wrap up their second album. „It was clear from the start that we wanted to produce the music ourselves – but we were still looking for a professional sound engineer,“ the frontman remembers. During that time he met Charlie Paschen who made a name for himself as drummer of Coogans Bluff as well as his successful collaborations with Heat, Rotor and Kalamahara. „After a few beers it was clear to me: he was the guy we were looking for. Charlie is a real nice dude, we both share the same passion for music and he is a master of his craft.“

Looking back, Max describes the 10-day-recording-session as „the most intensive experience we’ve ever had together as a band. The only goal we had was to capture the unfiltered dynamic of a live performing band. So we decided to record every song live. Everybody was involved in everything, you know. At some points there were 10 hands hammering one riff at the same time. I can tell you, recording live is not always a walk in the park.“