Freitag, 05. Juli 2013
Einlass ab 22 Uhr


Tickets sind ausschließlich an der Abendkassa erhältlich!
Preise: EUR 5,- bis 24 Uhr, danach EUR 10,-
Der Name ist Programm. Die Mikroton Label Protagonisten laden ein zu exzessiven Körperakrobatik…
gestalte Deinen TANZ!

Markus was born in Feldkirch, also called „the wild west of Austria“, close to the border with Switzerland and Germany. His musical vein inoculated, Markus was infected with a bass beat even in the cradle, owing to his father being a Professor of percussion instruments at the conservatory in Feldkirch. At the end of the 90ies he discovered turntables as musical instruments. In the following years he spent a lot of time in his cellar with his 1210s and trained his skills and perfected them. During this time he started to play more and more gigs in and around Vorarlberg as a HipHop-DJ. His popularity increased and with that the desirability of his mixtapes. It was some years later that he got in touch with electronic music, which infected the content of his crate during the next month tremendously.

Since 2006 Markus lives in Vienna. His endeavour: To bring his own musical style to interested dance audiences in the grip of the techno/house fever. Markus still concentrates on his focus, which can be described with the words deep, floating, reduced, funky, occasionally psychedelic and very sexy. This is the best way to describe the tactful sound of this 28 year old. Inspired by the upcoming underground scene from his hometown and socialised by his local music-posse (Stone Club, Provinzmusik, Rauch Club), Markus founded in 2007 the platform „Stadtpark Musik” together with his childhood friend Jokl. A monthly occurring „Stadtpark Nacht“ in Feldkirch and since November 2008 also happening in Vienna, their parties are built on sound and quality rather than on number of attendees nor on mass processing. Bookings like Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss, Margaret Dygas, Barem, Seph, Gurtz, Eric Johnston or Jorge Savoretti are more than guests. They count them to their further growing family of comrades-in-arms, the good connection to the base in Zürich, especially the cultural institution CITYFOX.

The story of Markus Lindner and his heartproject „Stadtpark Musik“ is not yet completely written. Not until the potential of the Austrian capital – a tranquil place full of music lovers – is exhausted, and after fulfilling his growing interest to explore further pastures with a new residency for CITYFOX. Perhaps then Markus can find an end to his journey.

Präsentiert und getragen wird das Programm vom Mikroton-Head COMO DAMAR und Mikroton-Neuling HARRY SPROUT, der schlussendlich die letzte Hüfte zum schwingen bringen wird.

Musicstyle: Deephouse, Techhouse




► COMO DAMAR (CH, Mikroton.org)

► HARRY SPROUT (AT, Mikroton.org)

► Live-Visuals by Kex